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Ceramic Pressure Nozzle
Ceramic Spray Nozzles

Domed Inlet Ceramic Needle Jet Technology

The Ceradome Series utilises Ceramic Orifice Technology for long lasting spray quality. This ceramic pressure nozzle series are available with many thread and adaptor options, the design allows for fitting to both brush and non brush shower systems. All ceramic spray nozzles are pre-tested before dispatch and custom sizes and configurations are available on request.


High-Impact solid stream. With reduced clogging design by means of the nozzle inlet projecting into the header pipe, helping prevent foreign matter from depositing into orifice. Even more effective when used with brush system.


303 Stainless steel body complete with ceramic tip inserted and adhered into body with special ceramic/metal adhesive. - Other special materials and configurations available.


Washing felts and screens in paper mills and processing equipment, cleaning machine parts, bottles etc. Wherever a high impact, hard wearing, sharp solid stream is required we have a ceramic pressure nozzle and ceramic spray nozzles to meet your needs.

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Sharp Reliable Cutting Action

The "CERADOME" Nozzle

Shower Header Adaptors


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