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C.I.P - Tank Cleaning

New M-Series Rotating Cleaning Heads

 Patented channelled water streams maintain impact and reduces misting!

 Unique self cleaning feature incorporating downward jet.

 Operation via C.I.P solution - no bearings or motors.

 Available from tanks 1m - 4m radius (pressure dependant).

 Standard acetal / 316SS or teflon construction optional.

Tank Cleaning Nozzles in "All Shapes & Sizes"

 Fixed & rotating nozzles from 180° to 360° patterns.

 Low and high pressure units, fluid, air and electric driven.

 Small tank diameters to large vessels, including rail.

 Portable and fixed units to meet your applications and tank sizes.

 Full Hygenic specifications for pharmaceutical and critical hygene cleaning.

 Unique fixed 'cluster' and 'non-clog' spiral nozzles available.

Download M-Series brochure and data sheet(Download M-Series Brochure and Data Sheet)



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