Bete air blow nozzles

In many industrial processes, bulk material or accumulated water must be removed from the surface of a product. Air blow-off nozzles make this process easy, effective, and versatile as compressed air is sprayed through a nozzle producing a flat fan shaped stream of air. The momentum of the high velocity air removes dust, dirt, and heavier materials such as metal chips. Thin layers of liquid can also be removed as the air stream physically moves water droplets and clears them off of a surface, while a spray of dry air also consumes water through evaporation. Compressed air is especially good at clearing a liquid or residue off surfaces because it will not scratch or rub against the object being dried as other drying systems do. Additionally, irregular shapes and sized objects can be dried or air washed by the air nozzles without special tooling or fixtures.

Common air blow-off nozzle uses and industries:

  • Food processing industry
  • Steel industry
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Bottle drying
  • Roll blow-off
  • Chip removal

Silvent air blow nozzles

Silvent flat nozzles and air knives are used in plants throughout the world to dry bottles and cans. This lowers the sound level, reduces energy consumption and increases the efficiency of the drying process.