Deluge / impact washing nozzles

Deluge/impact washing is the process of distributing water or other cleaning fluids over an object to remove contaminants. Nozzles can significantly improve this washing process over simply pouring water or submersion by consistently providing a directed spray to maximise the impact/use of cleaning medias and uniform coverage for repeatable results. High volumes of cleaning fluids or high operating pressures can be used to maximise the impact of the washing process for hard to clean residues.
Common deluge/impact washing nozzle uses and industries:

  • Washing fruit, vegetables, or other produce
  • Clear dust from solar panels ensuring maximum efficiency
  • Window washing
  • Remove dirt and mud from stone and aggregate
  • Screens and filters
  • Duct and vent washing
  • Heat exchanger tube sheets
  • Clean lubrication oils, chips, or other contaminants from components after machining / manufacturing
  • Rinse acids from steel on pickling lines
  • Truck washing stations
  • Mist Eliminators
  • Fan blade washing in ducts and vents