BETE provides a wide variety of high-performance nozzles useful for precision spray coating applications. BETE coating nozzles are designed to deliver uniform spray coverage with minimal waste for any and all types of coatings -for thicker, more viscous spray media and for thinner, less viscous spray media.

BETE offers a wide selection of nozzles which are useful for coating products in the food industry. BETE coating nozzles are designed to spray evenly with no dripping, whether they are applying a thin egg wash coating or spraying a thick glazing onto a product. BETE engineers have decades of experience in recommending custom coating spraying solutions for all types of food processing systems, such as conveyor coating and drum-mixing systems. A wide selection of direct pressure nozzles and air assisted nozzles, combined with pneumatic control options, allows BETE to tailor a solution to your needs. Regardless of whether you are dispersing liquid ingredients into a coating pan, spraying glazes, oils, bakery release agents, applying a syrup solution to a product travelling on a conveyor, or dosing a batch with spice-flavoured oil, BETE has a nozzle to provide even spray coverage with minimal waste.

Common food coating nozzle uses and industries:

  • Spraying egg wash or glazing coatings
  • Coating dough to aid crust formation during baking
  • Applying flavourings, preservatives, dyes, or disinfectants
  • Spraying glazes and other solutions onto food products
  • Dosing specific amounts of product