M-Series tank cleaningNew Zealand and Australia’s leading manufacturer and exporter of tank cleaning nozzles, Spray Nozzle Engineering P/L has just launched a new expanded range of the M-Series Range, with more materials options for better chemical resistance.

The M-Series does not use ball bearings to rotate the head, only the cleaning Fluid itself; making it safer and more Hygienic. This is a major advantage over outdated technology, as ball bearing races can become blocked with the material being cleaned from the tank; the result being a bacteria concentrator or the head simply stops spinning, either way the Tank is not cleaned!

New also for the M-Series are the expanded range of materials, including PVDF and PTFE. There is now a material that can be matched to most cleaning, heat or chemical concentrations. With its unique patented design, the M-Series ensures hydraulic cleaning action throughout all pressure ranges, even low-pressure applications, where most other ball bearing type units can struggle. Incorporating a self-cleaning action, the M-Series is suited to either rinsing or cleaning of various sized tanks. It is also available in three connection sizes.

If you want to use less water, less chemical and clean tanks faster, then ask Spray Nozzle Engineering how.