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Air nozzles, air guns, air knives and silencers that stops dead-end and eliminates risks associated with compressed air

Spray Nozzle Engineering supply the complete range of Silvent air knives, air curtains and custom blowing solutions for just about every application; from process to packaging; they can be constructed to specifically meet any requirements or operating parameters.

Compressed air has many uses in industry; to clean, dry, sort or cool processes during manufacture. Using an open pipe to supply compressed air can result in excessive noise levels and compressed air wastage; as well as being a potential injury hazard to personnel. To combat this, Spray Nozzle Engineering supply a range of safety air nozzles which drastically reduce compressed usage without compromising blowing force, reducing air noise, all the while using patented nozzle design that prevents injury by the operator from dead ending or skin contact.

Spray Nozzle Engineering is the exclusive supplier of Silvent’s safety air nozzles, a complete range of safety air guns and safety silencers, for exhaust port silencing without effective valve efficiency.

Silvent has a full range of stainless air knives for both food and industrial applications, as well as pre-made manifolds for ease of installation. The company’s policy is to consciously improve working conditions for those people who work with compressed air on a daily basis. No investment in new products is too great as long as this goal is attained. Silvent compressed air nozzles and the so-called Silvent technology has become a well established concept throughout the world.

Our products are used in many different industries such as: Chemical and Pharmaceutical, Computer and Instruments, Appliance and Electrical Components, Food, Beverage, Tobacco, Furniture, Glass, Concrete & Gypsum, Machinery Mfg, Medical Equipment. Also for Metal Products, Transportation, Petroleum and Coal, Plastic & Rubber Products, Printing, Pulp and Paper, Primary Metals, Textiles, Leather and Wood Products.

Lowers the sound 

The reduced turbulence makes it possible to lower the sound level when blowing with compressed air. The specially designed air nozzles also contribute to a lower sound level, since it divides the air through several unique designed holes and slots. If the air is blown through smaller holes, instead of one big hole, parts of the sound frequency will rise to levels the human ear cannot hear or get injured by.

Minimises the risk of occupational accidents

The specially made design also helps prevent the nozzle from accidentally becoming totally blocked by the operator. If this were to happen, the operator could get seriously injured. If a nozzle gets blocked, the risk is that the pressure will get too high, which could force the compressed air into the operator’s blood stream. This can lead to life threatening injuries, as for example air embolism and cerebral haemorrhage. The Silvent Technology minimises the risk of these injuries and fulfils the demands from the authority’s.

Saves energy

Since less energy is used to create turbulence, more energy can be used for the blowing of compressed air. This creates a more efficient blowing force. The Silvent Technology also creates an increased co-ejection, which means he compressed air drags in and uses the surrounding ambient air. As a result, you get the same effect with less energy.