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Silvent air nozzles feature the optimal combination of high blowing force, low energy consumption and low noise levels.

Blowing with compressed air is common when cleaning, drying, cooling, sorting or transporting objects. Silvent air nozzles are used in fixed installations and make efficient use of compressed air. All Silvent air nozzles feature high blowing force, low energy consumption and low noise levels.

It is essential to choose the right air nozzle to ensure that the application will be safe, quiet and effective, as well as economical. Blowing force is crucial; if it is inadequate, the blowing application cannot be performed, while if it is oversized, it is not possible to take full advantage of Silvent technology. Blowing force is measured in newtons (N) and ounces (oz) or pounds (lbs). Contact us if you are uncertain about the blowing force required for your application.

Replacing open pipe installations with Silvent compressed air nozzles normally means:

  • Lowering the sound level by 50%
  • Reducing air consumption by at least  30%
  • Complying with authorities’ safety requirements

Switch to High-Quality Silvent Compressed Air Drying Nozzles

Silvent makes the best compressed air nozzles.

We carry a variety of air drying and blowing nozzles that are designed to help your business clean, dry, sort, and cool in innovating and effective ways.

Problems Spray Nozzle Engineering Addresses with Air Drying and Blowing Nozzles

Older, outdated approaches to air drying pale in comparison to the latest developments that Spray Nozzle Engineering brings you from Silvent.

  • Noise Levels – Old-fashioned open pipe supplies for compressed air produce a lot of excess noise. Beyond being an annoyance, that noise is an indication of inefficiency. Silvent designs cut down both on the wasted energy and the distracting noise.
  • Risks of Injury – Silvent’s innovative designs reduce the chances of operator error such as direct skin contact. Keep your team safe with safe compressed air nozzles.
  • Wasted Money – Nozzles that require excessive waste also age more quickly, both needing more frequent maintenance and replacement. Silvent air drying nozzles last longer and function more cleanly.

We recommend Silvent nozzles because of the excellent advantages they provide.

Tips Regarding Compressed Air Nozzles

Here are some ways that you can get the most from your Silvent compressed air nozzles:

  • Ask us for assistance in choosing the right nozzle for your circumstances.
  • Replace older, outdated nozzles and dangerous open pipe with new Silvent ones to save money.
  • Get ongoing support from our team if you have questions or concerns about operation.

Why Trust Spray Nozzle Engineering Regarding Compressed Air Nozzles

We’ve been New Zealand’s leading supplier of spray technology for decades across numerous industries. Our track record is one of innovation, professionalism, and support. Contact us today to find the right Silvent nozzles to protect your employees and increase your efficiency.