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Lafferty Chemical Application Equipment

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Spray Nozzle Engineering, one of Australia’s largest supplier of in place cleaning and water saving equipment, offers Lafferty Foaming and Sanitising Equipment. Lafferty equipment includes: Foamers, sanitisers, sprayers, mixing (proportioning) stations, foggers, asphalt release systems and systems to control cross contamination.

Lafferty products are available in configurations to match your requirements, including a wide range of pressures and volumes. Most products are available in both portable and wall mount models.

Food and Beverage Specialist Stuart Morgan explains: “ Lafferty is a specialist manufacturer of cleaning chemical mixing and delivery equipment. They have both fixed and portable systems for not only foaming a workplace, but also sanitising and rinsing” he said. “The beauty of the Lafferty system is both simplicity and rugged build quality, using poly prop mixing bodies means better chemical resistance and less maintenance, and with the added ability to meter chemical use, you can clean with less water and less chemical on  many applications. We have high volume foamers for big areas and entryway sanitisers for high traffic area protection like roller doors”.

Foam Nozzle Replacements Now Available in New Zealand

washdown laffertyFoam nozzles from Lafferty make easy work of cleaning large surfaces.

Using foam nozzles to clean industrial equipment saves time, resources, and effort. Spray Nozzle Engineering has been designing and distributing foam nozzles to New Zealand industries for over 30 years.

The Importance of Foam Nozzles from Lafferty

Foam nozzles distribute large quantities of foam for use in:

  • Cleaning large industrial equipment especially vats and silos,
  • Spreading firefighting chemicals quickly and efficiently, and
  • Spreading foam insulation in the construction industry.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Foam Nozzles

Foam nozzles make quick work of applying foam cleaner or different applications. Using the proper foam nozzle for your specific application will save time and energy. Foam nozzles work correctly when:

  • You pay attention to the temperature of the material being sprayed–too hot or too cold will produce less than desirable results.
  • They are clear of debris. Keeping your foam nozzles clean ensures they will last longer.
  • You spray slowly for maximum coverage.
  • You have correct chemical and air / water mix ratio

Why Spray Nozzle Engineering is Cost Effective

At Spray Nozzle Engineering, we have been in the business of designing spray nozzles for over 30 years. Our commitment to delivering effective products ensures our customers receive time-saving solutions for their industry. Our foam nozzles produce maximum results for our customers across multiple industries.

Spray Nozzle Engineering supplies our customers with the appropriate foam nozzle for use with foam cleaning solvents. Contact our knowledgeable staff for assistance with purchasing foam nozzle replacements for your equipment.

  • Foamers
    Foamers are chemical applicators that project clinging foam onto surfaces up close or at a distance. Foamers are available in a variety of configurations and with flow rates.Viral or bacterial contamination is an ongoing problem during food production processes. The Lafferty series of compressed air venturi foamers (LC Foamer) provide food manufacturers with chemical application equipment that ensure a complete clean along with reliable performance and cost savings.
  • Lafferty Sprayers are chemical applicators that project liquid spray, typically in a fan pattern. Spray Nozzle Engineering supplies a large range of sprayers such as: City water pressure sprayers, boosted and high water pressure sprayers, pressure washer sprayers,  air pump sprayers, stainless steel tank sprayers, pump up sprayers,  acid /corrosive sprayers, asphalt release sprayers, solvent sprayers
  • Lafferty Sanitisers are water-driven venturi systems that accurately dilute chemical concentrates to required ratios and project the solution onto any surface. The supplied fan nozzle provides quick area coverage.
  • Multifunction chemical applicators combine multiple foamers, sprayers and sanitisers, and rinse stations into one convenient unit. Multifunction equipment is available in a variety of configurations and with flow rates to suit large or small jobs.
  • Hose-End Foamers and Sprayers are water-driven applicators that dilute chemical concentrate from an attached bottle or other container and project clinging foam.
  • Lafferty Pressure Washer Foamers and Sprayers use a pressure washer to dilute chemical concentrate and project liquid spray or wet, clinging foam.
  • Powered solely by compressed air, Lafferty Foggers atomise pre-diluted or ready-to-use chemical. Depending on the fogger model, a wet, damp or dry fog is produced. The fog can be "fine tuned" by adjusting the air pressure and / or by regulating the solution. Fogger models are available in various configurations.
  • Entryway sanitation systems turn anti-bacterial chemicals into a protective foam barrier that clings to boots and wheels and penetrates cracks and crevices better. Chemical can be diluted at the unit or in a central location away from the production area. Venturi systems dilute chemicals "on-the-fly" using chemical concentrate located at the entryway unit. Pump fed systems receive ready-to-use chemical from a central feed system. Great for HACCP sanitation.
  • Lafferty Chemical Mixing Stations™ are water-driven chemical proportioners that consistently dilute chemical concentrate to precise ratios and dispense at the appropriate flow rate.
  • Lafferty chemical transfer systems use compressed air operated double diaphragm pumps to transfer chemical concentrates or ready-to-use solution from bulk containers to any other container.
  • Pump fed central systems use a dilution and pumping system to deliver ready-to-use chemical solution to various applicators throughout a facility. No chemical concentrate is required at the unit. Pump fed central systems involve special considerations for available utilities such as compressed air volume, piping sizes, and maximum flow rates.
  • To enhance and protect Silvent's range of high force blowing guns.
    • Patented air induction shroud assisting blowing efficiency
    • Unique protective cover for standard <a "href="" target="_blank">Silvent high force blow guns
    • Food grade heavy duty stainless construction
    • Optional rubber coating for impact resistance and longer life