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Flat Fan Spray Nozzles

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Fan spray nozzles give the most optimal results when a high impact force is necessary for either cleaning or other applications.

Fan spray nozzles are hydraulically driven and produce a flat fan pattern one of two ways. The nozzle either has an angled cut or a sloping deflection face to create the fan spray pattern.

These nozzles produce a thin, flat sheet of liquid that expands outward from the nozzle. A thin line of liquid is produced when the spray intersects a surface. As the liquid is concentrated into a smaller net area, the impact force from fan nozzles is greater than from full or hollow cone nozzles.

Flat fan nozzles produce a line of spray. They are often used in coating and cleaning applications on conveyors where product is passed under a spray bar of several fan nozzles. There are two main designs of fan nozzle: deflection and a standard shaped orifice.

Flat fan nozzles are often times the most advantageous choice for conveyor belt applications. Whenever something is moving and has to be washed, wetted or coated, fan nozzles are often your best choice. Examples of this are conveyor belt cleaning, suppressing coal dust on a conveyor and coating molds with lubrication.