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Tank mixing nozzles

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Tank mixing nozzles are an efficient way to circulate fluids in closed or open tanks.

Tank mixing nozzles can also continue to agitate the liquids after they’re combined, keeping solids suspended evenly.

Tank mixing nozzles can be eductor or injection types. In eductor nozzles like the TurboMix, the initial fluid pumped into the system is combined with the tank contents within the nozzle, before being sprayed back into the tank.

  • The TurboMix nozzle series is an eductor mixing nozzle. Eductor nozzles attach to a fluid line and spray a large straight jet of fluid through the nozzle’s first orifice. That initial fluid pumped into the system is called the motive fluid. The motive fluid jet steam sprays into a large opening immediately after exiting the first orifice. The action of this fluid passing into the second larger chamber makes a low pressure zone around the opening of the chamber. This low pressure zone forces a high volume of fluid to follow and mix with the motive fluid to eventually be thrown out the end of the nozzle.
  • The TurboMix nozzles most important design characteristic is the creation of the low pressure zone. The extra fluid this zone brings in allows the nozzle to have a discharge flow rate 3 – 5 times greater than that of the motive flow rate.
  • The TurboMix is the go-to mixing and agitation nozzle. The main benefit of using the TM for these application types is that the discharge flow rate can be 3 – 5 times greater than the motive flow rate. These nozzles types use a clever design to optimize mixing.
  • It is an effective and economical way to circulate liquids in closed or open tanks.
  • It is inherently clog resistant and requires minimal maintenance.