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Spray Chilling Nozzles for the Meat Industry

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Spray chilling is the intermittent spraying of carcasses with water during the early stages of the cooling of the hot sides. Its primary purpose is to reduce the weight loss in the carcass during the first 24 hours. Beef carcasses are normally chilled for 16 to 20 hours prior to boning into primal cuts and trimmings, which are packed for further cooling and dispatch. During this carcass chilling process, carcasses can lose 1 to 2% of their hot weight, which is a potential loss of revenue for the processor.

Spray Nozzle Engineering has developed a new range of carcass chilling nozzles to suit existing or new system; bolted or clamped versions with your choice of nozzle requirement; full cone, hollow cone and flat spray options. Nozzle types are dependent on your application, whether static or mobile.

Also available is a range of water-saving wash-down guns, derived from the same family of Strahman premium heavy duty M-70 Series Nozzles, the Mini M-70LF Series by Spray Nozzle Engineering is a water efficient spray nozzle is designed to reduce potential water wastage by providing an optimum cleaning performance at lower flow rates, suitable for most industrial wash down applications.

As part of Spray Nozzle Engineering’s range of water/chemical saving solution, are the foamers and sanitisers is Lafferty’s Chemically Resistant Poly mixing chambers flow-metering Technology, which ensures correct chemical mixing ratios. The “Entry Way” is also a sanitizing system for pathogen control in work areas.