Dip-Pro Check Valves for Spray Drying

/Dip-Pro Check Valves for Spray Drying

Dip-Pro Check Valves for Spray Drying

Reducing scorched particle contamination and post shut drip

The Drip-Pro is the Spray Nozzle Engineering check valve for the Click&Dry series, also known as non-return valve and reflux valve, this valve works automatically without external control or intervention. The check valve allows fluid (liquid or gas) to flow in only one direction; it will crack (open) at a minimum pressure preventing inconsistent start up flow, and reseal (close) upon shut down to further prevent undesirable drips leading to scorched particles and product contamination.


The Drip-Pro™ Smooth Flo – A simplified spray dry nozzle

Check Valve: Featuring the most cost effective, efficient and safest nozzle system

A call from a spray dryer OEM revealed a problem with nozzle drips, which resulted in scorched particle, deposits at the fluid bed and post shut dripping, compromising the quality of the milk powder. The challenge to develop an anti-drip check valve, which would function reliably with the fluid path & difficult service conditions.

We soon discovered this same problem was extremely common to many other customer’s dryers, for all dryer and commodity types. The result of our work was the unique Drip Pro™ patented design. As a result, OEMs set to work converting many existing plants with this first generation valve (GEN 1).

Positive user feedback set the stage for the evolution of what has become the industry best performing anti-drip spray dry valve, the Gen 8. The Drip-Pro™ Smooth Flo GEN 8 is designed for high solids, viscous products such as nutritional and others, where extra long run times without blockage is required. We have pioneered new replaceable ‘Sealing-Face’ technology, removing problematic outdated metal to metal sealing. The new design incorporates fewer parts making it more cost effective and reducing maintenance, can be connected easily to the New Click & Dry Hygienic Spray Dry Nozzle system.

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