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Foamers are chemical applicators that project clinging foam onto surfaces up close or at a distance. Foamers are available in a variety of configurations and with flow rates.

Viral or bacterial contamination is an ongoing problem during food production processes. The Lafferty series of compressed air venturi foamers (LC Foamer) provide food manufacturers with chemical application equipment that ensure a complete clean along with reliable performance and cost savings.


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Foamers and sanitisers for every applications and chemical type: Compressed air venturi foamers from Lafferty equipment.

Lafferty foamers use water to draw chemical concentrate straight from the container and mixes it with compressed air to create foam. By applying wet foam to equipment and production areas and keeping the surface coated with the cleaning chemical longer, Lafferty Foamers ensure a better clean than dry foam.

As the Lafferty foamer bodies are constructed of either polypropylene or stainless steel, with a 14 gauge stainless steel cover, they are chemically resistant and prevent costly downtime via maintenance or replacement parts. Models to suit a broad range of water pressures, (from 30 to 1000 psi), are available and the LC Foamers are not affected by fluctuating water pressures, thereby leading to water saving costs. The “venturi’ action of the Lafferty foamer is non-electric, involve no moving parts and require no pre-mixing of chemicals which lead to faster application of the foam and a saving in labour costs.

Lafferty Foamers included colour-coded metering tips to ensure accurate dilution rates and control of chemical use; you only use what you actually need. Complete models of the foamers are available which include a discharge hose assembly; this consists of a heavy-duty, non-marking hose and a polypropylene foam wand. The foamer is ideal for use in areas such as commercial kitchens, transport, and food production and is available is either a wall mounted or portable unit.

Spray Nozzle Engineering supplies a range of foamers that include:

  • City water pressure foamers: Use 35-125 PSI water to dilute chemical concentrate and project clinging foam.
  • Boosted and high water pressure foamers: Use boosted water pressure (125-350 PSI), high water pressure (400-1000 PSI), or a pressure washer (2.2-8 GPM) to dilute chemical concentrate and project clinging foam.
  • Airless foamers: Do not require compressed air to create wet, clinging foam.
  • Pressure washer foamers: Use a pressure washer to dilute chemical concentrate and project wet, clinging foam. Pressure washer foamers feature a stainless steel injector body and airless foam wand that are balanced to achieve maximum foam throw distance and superior overall performance.
  • Air pump foamers: Utilise a compressed air operated pump to project rich, clinging foam. Air Pump Foamers are designed for use in facilities where plumbed water is unavailable or unreliable and can utilise pre-diluted chemical or dilute chemical concentrate on demand.
  • Low volume foamers: Are ideal in environments requiring precision application and tight control of overspray.
  • Stainless steel tank foamers: Are pressurised by compressed air and project ready-to-use chemical solutions as rich, clinging foam. These foamers feature ASME rated stainless steel tanks.
  • Pump up foamers: Feature a manual pump and project ready-to-use chemical solutions as clinging foam.
  • Pump fed foamers: Receive ready-to-use chemical solution from a central chemical feed system and project rich, clinging foam.
  • Acid /corrosive foamers: Are acid-resistant chemical applicators that project clinging foam.
  • Asphalt release foamers: Are specialised chemical applicators that project clinging foam. Asphalt Release Foamers are available as manual applicators or drive-through systems. Programmable systems ensure consistent results and discourage over-application.
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