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Lafferty chemical equipment




Powered solely by compressed air, Lafferty Foggers atomise pre-diluted or ready-to-use chemical. Depending on the fogger model, a wet, damp or dry fog is produced. The fog can be “fine tuned” by adjusting the air pressure and / or by regulating the solution. Fogger models are available in various configurations.

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Standard venturi foggers

Lafferty standard venturi foggers draw ready-to-use chemical solution from a nearby container.

Portable cart fogger

Lafferty portable cart foggers feature an all stainless steel cart and draw pre-diluted chemical from an onboard tank. Programmable models offer time delayed activation and customisable settings.

Specialty and hand held foggers

Lafferty has developed specialty foggers for countless unique applications.

Pump fed fogging systems

Pump fed foggers receive ready-to-use chemical solution from a central chemical feed system. Air and chemical solution flow can be activated manually or activated in multiple zones using vision fogger controllers.