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HydroWhirl Orbitor Tank Cleaning Machines

/HydroWhirl Orbitor Tank Cleaning Machines

HydroWhirl Orbitor Tank Cleaning Machines

Key Features and Benefits

  • Designed to meet hygienic standards
  • Reduced consumption of water, chemicals, and time = reduced operating costs
  • Minimum moving parts = reduced lifecycle costs
  • Increase productivity while lowering costs
  • Self cleaning; self lubricating = no process contamination
  • High impact jets; orbital wash pattern = high efficiency cleaning process
  • Compact design = will fit through small access flanges
  • 2 or 4 nozzle configuration = wash pattern variable up to super intense
  • External Surface Finish: 0.5 microns Ra or better

Typical HydroWhirl Orbitor Tank Cleaning Machine Applications

Typically used where high impingement cleaning is required and where the most efficient use of utilities is necessary.

Brewing & Wineries

Bright beer tanks, coppers, maltings, fermentation tanks

Coatings and Paints

Storage silos, process vessels, mixers

Food and Dairy

Raw milk storage, spray driers, process vessels, storage silos


Process vessels, mixers, storage silos


Process vessels, storage silos

Tanker Cleaning

Personal Care

Mixing vessels, storage tanks, process vessels

Common materials

Tank cleaning spray nozzles

Tank washing nozzles can be used to clean, wash, and rinse every size container from small bottles and medium-sized drums to large railroad tankers. BETE has stationary tank cleaning nozzles, rotating tank cleaning nozzles, and tank cleaning machines.

HydroWhirl® Orbitor

The HydroWhirl® Orbitor is a versatile tank cleaning machine designed to meet the high standards required in the food, brewing, beverage, dairy, tanker cleaning, and chemical industries combining high performance cleaning efficiency with extended operating life and reduced life cycle costs.

  • Less maintenance time:  can be stripped, maintained, and rebuilt in less than 15 minutes.
  • Self cleaning and self lubricated
  • Designed for use where efficient, high impact cleaning is required.
  • The HydroWhirl Orbitor is ideal for use in larger tanks and where the product is difficult to clean.
  • Designed with minimum moving parts to ensure extended operating life and reduced down time
  • 360°, 180° up, and 180° down wash patterns
  • Variable cycle times
  • High impact cleaning