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  • BETE Nozzle

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  • Bete nozzles
  • Bete Nozzles

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Bete nozzles

LEM Tank, Drum, and Bottle Washing Nozzles

/LEM Tank, Drum, and Bottle Washing Nozzles

LEM Tank, Drum, and Bottle Washing Nozzles

LEM nozzles

  • Each nozzle in the stationary cluster is a BETE clog-resistant spiral nozzle of the TF Series
  • Can be supplied with various other BETE nozzles for any desired application
  • Female connection
  • Spherical omnidirectional coverage
  • Six nozzles arranged in cluster to project spray in all directions

For LEM washing diameters please refer to the PDFs on the right.

Common Materials:
316, Brass, PTFE, PVC

Spiral Spray Nozzles

The spiral nozzle, sometimes called helix, pigtail, or corkscrew, disperses liquid as it shears along the turns of the spiral. There are no internal parts, but instead it has an external spiral vane.