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  • Safety washdown station-blends steam and water safely

    The steam units are designed to blend steam and cold water in any desired proportion

  • Save water during your washdown process!

    With Strahman automatic water saver spray nozzles

M-200TS Mixing Unit

/M-200TS Mixing Unit

M-200TS Mixing Unit

The Model M-200TS features rugged construction and superb quality for superior thermostatic control. The unit’s accurate and solid, liquid-filled thermostat allows you to set the exact output water temperature desired — from 80F to 160F. With its durable bronze body construction, the M-200TS valve features replaceable components that resist corrosion. Both the piston and liner are made of stainless steel material for long-lasting reliability. The unit also includes an integral shut-off valve. Backed by a one year warranty.


  • Single lever On/Off operation
  • Precise temperature control from
  • 80°F/27°C to 160°F/71°C
  • Adjustable temperature limit stop
  • For maximum safety
  • Replaceable components facilitate servicing
  • Senses and compensates for temperature or pressure fluctuations (up to a 50% drop in inlet supply pressure)

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Max. PressureMax. FlowMax. Temperature
8.5 Bar45 LPM71°C


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