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Bete nozzles

MaxiPass (MP) Full Cone Nozzles

/MaxiPass (MP) Full Cone Nozzles

MaxiPass (MP) Full Cone Nozzles

MaxiPass (MP) full cone nozzles: Clog resistant nozzles, and fire protection spray nozzles, maximum free passage

Design Features:

  • Ultimate clog-resistant design with largest free passage available in a full cone nozzle
  • Two unique S-shaped internal vanes, as opposed to x-vane style nozzles, allow maximum free passage of particles
  • High energy efficiency
  • Easily handles dirty, lumpy liquids
  • Male and female connections
  • Flanged connection available
  • High reliability spray performance under the most difficult conditions

MaxiPass Full Cone Nozzles, Clog Resistant Nozzles, and Fire Protection Spray Nozzles, Maximum Free Passage

Features of the Whirl Spray Nozzle Design:

  • Atomisation is achieved by the water being spun inside the nozzle and then exiting an orifice
  • Gives a medium to coarse droplet size
  • Gives a more uniform pattern than spiral nozzles

Custom MaxiPass Solutions:

  • Petroleum Processing
    Refining/Chemical Processing
    Chemical Processing
Common Materials:
316SS, Brass, Polypropylene, PTFE, PVC