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Lafferty chemical equipment

Mixing Stations and Proportioners

/Mixing Stations and Proportioners

Mixing Stations and Proportioners

Lafferty Chemical Mixing Stations™ are water-driven chemical proportioners that consistently dilute chemical concentrate to precise ratios and dispense at the appropriate flow rate.

General purpose mixing stations:

General Purpose Mixing Stations dilute one or more chemicals and dispense at the appropriate flow rate. “High Concentrate” (HC) Mixing Stations are capable of achieving strong dilution ratios (up to 1:1).

Drum mount mixing stations:

Drum Mount Proportioners attach directly to chemical drums for increased efficiency.

Level master mixing stations:

Lafferty Level Master Systems™ are float valve operated proportioners that maintain the desired level of ready-to-use chemical solution in any reservoir. Level master systems are available in several configurations with a variety of flow rates and optional tank sizes.

Gemini mixing stations:

Gemini™ Mixing Stations feature lafferty’s unique twin pick-up Gemini™ Proportioner, an industry-leading design that incorporates two completely separated venturis in one injector body. The solutions are diluted separately and only mix as they are discharged, preventing chemical concentrates from mixing. Gemini level masters™ include chemical resistant components that are physically removed from the tank, for maximum resistance to aggressive chemicals such as chlorine dioxide.

Acid and corrosive mixing stations:

Lafferty acid and corrosive mixing stations are acid-resistant chemical proportioners.

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