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  • Lafferty Multifunction Spray

    Sanitise, Rinse, Foam

  • Lafferty chemical equipment

    Chemical Application Equipment

Lafferty chemical equipment

Pump Fed Central Systems

/Pump Fed Central Systems

Pump Fed Central Systems

Pump fed central systems use a dilution and pumping system to deliver ready-to-use chemical solution to various applicators throughout a facility. No chemical concentrate is required at the unit. Pump fed central systems involve special considerations for available utilities such as compressed air volume, piping sizes, and maximum flow rates.

Pump Fed Applicators

Lafferty Pump fed applicators receive ready-to-use chemical solution from a Central Chemical Feed System. Pump fed applicators are available as foamers, sanitisers, and multifunction hose drop stations.

Pumps and Level Master Dilution Systems

Lafferty level master systems are float valve activated proportioners that maintain a holding tank of ready-to-use chemical solution. An air operated double diaphragm pump delivers this solution to multiple Lafferty pump fed foamers, sanitisers, combination hose drop stations, or foggers throughout a facility.

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