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Lafferty chemical equipment




Lafferty Sanitisers are water-driven venturi systems that accurately dilute chemical concentrates to required ratios and project the solution onto any surface. The supplied fan nozzle provides quick area coverage.

Spray Nozzle Engineering supplies Lafferty sanitisers range that includes:

  • Wall mount sanitisers
  • Portable sanitisers
  • Pump fed sanitisers

Control Pathogens & Other Spoilage Bacteria with Lafferty 517 Sanitisers

Viral or bacterial contamination is an ongoing problem during food production processes. Salmonella, Listeria, E.coli and other pathogens and spoilage bacteria are ever present dangers to cause serious contamination during food production processes. To help gain control of these contamination threats, Spray Nozzle Engineering supply the Lafferty 517 Sanitiser that provides food manufacturers with chemical application equipment that ensure a complete clean along with reliable performance and cost savings.

The Lafferty 517 Sanitiser provides the dilution ratios required for no rinse applications in food plants. Having a long spraying distance, enhanced flow, wide spray pattern and the ability to work with a range of water pressures (from 35psi to 125psi) the Lafferty 517 Sanitiser saves water, time and therefore money.

As the Lafferty 517 Sanitiser is constructed of machined polypropylene (injector body) and stainless steel (ball valves), it is chemically resistant, thereby preventing costly downtime via maintenance or replacement parts. The “venturi’ action of the Lafferty 517 Sanitiser is non-electric, involves no moving parts and requires no pre-mixing of chemicals which leads to faster application of the cleaning chemical and a saving in labour costs. The 517 Sanitiser comes with colour-coded metering tips for up to 21 dilution ratios to ensure accurate dilution rates and control of chemical use; you only use what you actually need.

Wall-mount models are available with heavy-duty stainless steel enclosures and portable models feature all stainless steel carts that hold a 5-gallon chemical container. The Lafferty 517 Sanitiser is also available as a “2-way” system, allowing for alternation between two different chemicals or two different ratios of the same chemical. This model is also available in either wall-mount or portable versions.

Entryway sanitisers – doorway system For pathogen control

Lack of pathogen control at doorways where human traffic and fork lift traffic occur can introduce pathogens from area to area or farm to farm. Lafferty’s ultimate entryway foam sanitising systems offer the user a range of models and foam delivery systems to limit pathogen transfer; they ensure fresh chemical is delivered when and where required, as opposed to dip trays or pits that can become quickly diluted and polluted.

Lafferty’s ultimate entryway foam sanitising systems are available as either a water driven (venture), air pump or pump fed system. The Venturi models use water pressure to draw chemical concentrate from containers and mix it with compressed air to produce foam. The air pump model is designed for areas with very low or fluctuating water pressure and is powered via compressed air. The pump fed model is used as part of a central cleaning system, where multiple units are used and chemical solution is delivered via a piping system.

The Lafferty entryway systems are available with either photocell or timed systems. In the photocell system, the foam cycle is activated via the breaking of an infrared beam, preventing over-application, saving chemical usage and ensuring ‘on-demand’ application. Timed systems deliver a steady, reliable foam cycle which can be adjusted to maintain foam within a given area. Both the photocell and timed systems come with a manual override button to provide instant foam when required. The Lafferty entryway system is ideal for use in areas such as food production plants, animal health facilities or intense farming sites.

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