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Silvent 334 Stainless Steel Air Knife

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Silvent 334 Stainless Steel Air Knife

SILVENT 332 – 336: a quiet and efficient air knife with angled SILVENT 931 flat nozzles and a specially designed stainless steel manifold. The small mounting dimensions make these air knives suitable for machine designs where space is limited. Generates a broad but flat air cone and combines the advantages of low noise level, low air consumption and high blowing efficiency.

Technical data

Blowing force (N)13.6
Air consumption (Nm³/h)72.0
Sound level (dB(A))84
Nozzle technologySlot
Material (nozzle)1.4404 (316L)
ConnectionG 1/2″
Connection typeFemale
Weight (kg)0.3060
Max temp (°C)400
Max op. pressure (MPa)1.0

Benefits when replacing an open pipe

Replace open pipe Ø (mm)8
Noise reduction24 [dB(A)]81%
Energy savings46 [Nm³/h]39%

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Blowing coverage

Blowing dist. (mm)Blowing coverage (mm)