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Turf Care Hose Reels – Reel Tuff™

/Turf Care Hose Reels – Reel Tuff™

Turf Care Hose Reels – Reel Tuff™

  • Reel in Control. Long range remote control with channel hop
  • Patented no-belt direct drive system
  • Long life galvanised finish does not require painting
  • Quick change stainless hubs on all models

Reel TuffTM: Hot dip galvanised hose reels for ultimate corrosion protection with ergonomic design and superior safety features

If you are looking for the longevity and reliability in your weed spraying hose storage, look no further than Reel TuffTM Remote Control Reels from Reel Tech. Highest quality galvanised construction will continue to work alongside with you in all weather conditions. Ideal for use in both low and high pressure spraying duties in golf courses, council parks, urban landscapes and roadside care.

With ergonomic and safety features like Reel-In-ControlTM Remote and Safe-R-ReelTM maintenance free Non-Belt/Chain Direct Drive System as standard, the ReelTuff hose reels are designed for both professionals and owner operators alike.

REELTUFF Hose ReelsThe Reel TuffTM reel is a world-patented, Australian designed and manufactured direct drive hose reel. The hose reel features unmatched flexibility in size and capacity. It has an adaptable Reel-In-Control remote. A unique Non-Belt / Chain Safe-R-Reel gearbox, that ensures a controlled speed during rewind. Reel TuffTM offers superior craftsmanship and quality galvanised construction that has been proven to withstand some of the harshest environments in Australia and overseas.

The ReelTuff Hose Reels are easily installed to many vehicles with 12V power supply including utility vehicles, ATV’s, golf buggies, and more.

Customise the Reel TuffTM hose reels to suit your specific needs

You can use the ReelTuff hose reel as a single unit or in a mirrored configuration for dual independent hose reel setup, allowing multiple operators to cover large areas in half the time. You can also use Reel TuffTM Hose Reels with your spray equipment to enjoy the outstanding safety features, and achieve more spraying in less time and effort than conventional methods using manual reels. Benefit from the Reel-In-ControlTM automatic hose rewind at a single press of a button, and the motor drive capable of safely retrieving the hose even at full extension.

Download ReelTuff Datasheet
Download 10 Facts Hose Reel Safety Brochure
Download Info Sheet Hose Reel Payout and Rewind Brochure

ReelTuff hose reel product feature

    • Hot Dip Galvanised Finish
    • 12V (DC) Powered Reel
    • Quick Change Hub System
    • Reel-In-ControlTM Long Range Remote Control
    • 100m & 50m Reel Models(available custom lengths)
    • Heavy Duty Construction
    • Easy Mount Compact Modular Design(fully upgradable)
    • Patented Maintenance Free Non-Belt/ Chain
    • Safe-R-ReelTM Direct Drive System

Note: Spray Gun & Hose Sold Separately. (Available as complete package.)