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Wilger Combo-Jet Nozzle Bodies

/Wilger Combo-Jet Nozzle Bodies

Wilger Combo-Jet Nozzle Bodies

Combo-jet nozzle bodies are a compact, durable swivel body that is available with up to 3 outlets, in both combo-jet®/radialock tip-cap & square lug outlet varieties.

Wilger Combo-jet® nozzle bodies

Combo-Jet® (CJ) nozzle bodies allow for an easy swivel to switch between (up to 3) tip-caps without having to take caps off. This means they are safer and easier to handle in the field.

CJ nozzles bodies are compatible with all of the industries’ Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) system solenoids as well. (i.e. Capstan Sharpshooter®, Case AimCommand®, Raven Hawkeye®) This makes CJ nozzle bodies a very cost effective choice for new sprayers or aftermarket replacement parts.

Combo-Jet® Nozzle bodies are fully compatible with Combo-Jet® radialock tip caps. Wilger also manufacturers swivel bodies with square lug (i.e. TeeJet/Hypro/Green Leaf) nozzle outlet options.

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