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Wilger Combo-rate Control Manifolds

/Wilger Combo-rate Control Manifolds

Wilger Combo-rate Control Manifolds

Wilger’s versatile combo-rate® stacking nozzle bodies make the ideal sprayer manifold for plumbing and controlling small to medium estate and turf sprayers.

Combo-rate® control manifolds

Nozzle BodiesGlass-reinforced Polypropylene
O-ringsBuna-N (Standard). VITON® available
Hi-Lo ScrewStainless Steel

Manifold configurations

Since combo-rate® (CR) nozzle components are infinitely stackable, you can make a whole heap of different configurations for a typical turf or estate sprayer.

End bodies

CR end bodies stack onto any female combo-clip port.
They can use any CR shut-off modules (including pressure release valves) for any requirement on a manifold.

Thru bodies

CR thru bodies stack onto any other CR nozzle body components. Cr thru bodies always have one male and one female combo-clip port, and must have a plug or end body to plug off the last open port.
Thru bodies can use any CR shut-off modules (including pressure release valves).

Utility bodies and adapters

There are a number of CR stacking nozzle body components, from 1/4″ NPT-F end bodies to 90° adapter bodies.
Reference the combo-rate® brochure or Wilger price list for full listing of components.

Wilger Product List Catalogue

Wilger Combo Jet Catalogue

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