Water mist protection systems are typically designed per NFPA 750 or similar design standards which provide minimum requirements for mist systems that extinguish, contain, or cool applicable fire or hazards by absorbing heat, displacing oxygen, and/or blocking radiant heat. BETE water mist nozzles are capable of effectively filling a contained area with the fine water droplets required by water mist systems for effective operation. The low volume flow and high evaporation rate of water mist sprays is easily vaporised by the heat of a fire, absorbing heat and displacing oxygen, which suppresses the fire while minimising damage to water sensitive equipment or other assets that would otherwise be destroyed by water damage in high flow deluge systems. Professionals are increasingly turning to water mist systems in lieu previous system designs, such as Halon systems, due to environmental concerns and increasing regulations and the proven capabilities of water mist systems.

Common water mist system nozzle uses and industries:

  • Server rooms
  • Frying, baking, and food processing equipment
  • Gas turbines
  • Train cars & buses
  • Nuclear plants
  • Machine shops and manufacturing facilities
  • Offices, hotels, hospitals, and other highly populated areas