Mining cleaning and washing nozzle

Nozzles for cleaning and washing

BETE nozzles provide cleaning and washing solutions for the mining, food, beverage, wineries, chemical processing and industrial fields worldwide. Wash down applications rely on the impact of the spray to help dislodge residue.

To learn more about which nozzle would be right for your application, please explore the specific categories listed below, or contact our experienced engineers. We supply a large range of spray nozzles, spray manifolds, spray guns and more.

Cleaning and washing nozzle enquiry

Nozzles for bottle cleaning

We supply spray nozzles that are designed to clean efficiently the inside and outside of bottles and small container. These nozzles remove old product and sanitise inside as well as rinse and wash the outside of bottles. BETE nozzles provide proper distribution of the cleaning fluid and maximise the impact from the available pressure of the system, which reduces operating costs.

Important factors to consider:

  • Bottle size and shape
  • Residue to be removed
  • Temperature and chemical composition of wash fluid
  • Required materials of construction for corrosive residues and spray media
  • Interior vs exterior wash
    • Interior: Available bottle opening sizes
    • Exterior: Available nozzle mounting locations
  • Required flow rate
  • Available pressure drop across the nozzle

Deflector flat fan nozzles for cleaning

The deflection type nozzle produces the flat fan pattern by deflecting the fluid stream against a curved surface after exit from the nozzle orifice.  The impact of the fluid on the deflection surface cause the desired atomisation and the geometry of the surface shapes the resulting spray into a flat fan pattern.

Elliptical orifice flat fan nozzles

With this design of nozzle the spray pattern is formed by the exit of the fluid through a shaped orifice.  This spray will be a high impact flat fan.  These nozzles have a lower profile than their deflector design cousins and so may be more appropriate where space is confined.

Truck and vehicle cleaning nozzles

Trucks and vehicles that operate in industries such as waste management, farming and mining, frequently become covered in dirt that may affect with the vehicles ability to operate safely. Water cleaning nozzles can effectively remove these residues contributing to a prolonged life and a safer operation.

BETE Spray nozzles can efficiently spray water, cleaning chemicals and sealants. They are commonly used in automatic car washers (in-bay, conveyer or self serve) and truck washing stations.

Important factors to consider:

  • Dirt type to be removed
  • Size of trucks to be cleaned
  • Available nozzle mounting locations
  • Required flow rates

Street cleaning nozzles / water truck cleaning

BETE supplies a variety of nozzles ideal for street cleaning and water truck applications. They are suitable for removing debris from paved surfaces, dirt road dust prevention on utility and construction vehicles, dust suppression and to extinguish fires close to emergency fire vehicles.

  • Street Cleaning: BETE’s high pressure, flat fan nozzles are ideal for pushing sand, dirt, and other debris off of roads and paved surfaces.
  • Dirt Road Dust Prevention: BETE’s fan nozzles spray water evenly over a large area – useful for applying water along dirt roads, construction sites, and fairgrounds to prevent large dust clouds created by vehicle or animal travel.
  • Brush Fire Vehicles: Brush fire vehicles must spray water near their truck to extinguish fires as they work in remote places.