Bete foam control nozzle solutions

Foam is a dispersion of gas (typically air) in a liquid. Air/gas can be entrained via agitation at the surface, such as a spinning impeller partially out of the liquid or a stream entering the free surface of a liquid (e.g., where a waterfall meets the pool at its base) or be created by biological or chemical reactions or processes. Foam is undesirable because it can overflow vessels, create slippery and unsafe working conditions, interfere with processing, damage materials, and cause tanks to drain and dry slowly. Controlling foam can be accomplished by spraying liquid onto the surface of the pool, vessel or reservoir, and allowing the droplets of the spray to impact the foam bubbles, causing them to break.

Common foam control nozzle uses and industries:

Lafferty offers foamers, sanitisers, sprayers, mixing stations, foggers, asphalt release systems and systems to control cross contamination; are available in configurations to match your requirements, including a wide range of pressures and volumes. products valium are available in both portable and wall mount models.  See our range of foamers, sanitisers, sprayers, mixing (proportioning) stations, foggers, asphalt release systems and systems to control cross contamination.

Strahman offers the highest quality and most-innovative washdown equipment in the world. They have become the standard for numerous industrial and commercial applications in the refinery, chemical, petrochemical, oil/gas, mining, pulp and paper, polymer, pharmaceutical, food processing and service, beverage and dairy industries.

General Pump


Spray nozzle Engineering provides a wide variety of pumps for the food industry. Pumps are used daily in the food industry for cleaning and also performing specific functions, such as cleaning vegetables, deboning chicken and cleaning hogs and cattle.

Find out more about our spray chilling nozzles for the meat industry.

We offer washdown guns for the food manufacturing industry. A variable spray heavy duty protective covers and bumpers with bronze and stainless steel construction, trigger controlled.

For sanitary or harsh conditions in the food industry, our stainless steel hose reels are the top choice of OEMs around the world. Numerous industries – including food and beverage, pharmaceutical and dairy – trust our reels because of their resistance to rust and corrosion and the absence of paint, which can chip and contaminate products. See our range of hose reels

Bottle Washing

Spray nozzles can help to maximise the efficiency of washing applications when cleaning the inside of a bottle or small container to remove old product or for sanitation.  Spray nozzles ensure proper distribution of the cleaning media reducing operating and disposal costs. Common bottle washing nozzle uses and industries: Food and beverage industry – Wineries and breweries – Chemical processing – Bottling lines. Find out more about flat fan nozzles, air knives and air nozzles for the bottle washing applications.