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  • SIlvent air knifes

    The Silvent Technology reduces turbulence and creates a more uniform, even, and straight air stream when blowing with compressed air. Also called a laminar air stream.

  • Silvent Technologies

    Lower the sound level by 50%. Save 35% of the energy usage. Minimise the risk of occupational accidents.


Custom AirPlow and Air Battery

/Custom AirPlow and Air Battery

Custom AirPlow and Air Battery

Solutions for improving the quality

Silvent’s proven methods for the application of compressed air in steel production are used by many of the top steel producers in the world today. At some steel mills, we developed extremely complex, customized solutions together with the steel mill engineers. At other steel mills, our standard range of patented air nozzles could solve the problem. Most importantly, in every project our Silvent engineers work closely with the steel mill engineers to jointly find the optimal solution.

The quality of steel can be affected by many things. Sometimes it’s the mill scale that wasn’t removed in the hot rolling mill, or the water streaks that were missed in the cold rolling mill. To solve these problems Silvent InTech’s solution is always air. It sounds simple, but that’s far from the truth.

Custom AirPlow™ and Air Battery for Steel Cleaning

SILVENT AirPlow™ is the world’s most advanced type of air knife with a unique patented design and construction that offers a number of setting options for optimized blowing in demanding blowing applications. Silvent InTech, a division of the Silvent Group, works with customized solutions that are integrated in the manufacturing process for products such as sheet and plate. These products, which are completely adapted for each application, can be divided into three main groups: SILVENT AirPlow™, SILVENT Straight AirPlow™ and SILVENT AirBattery™.