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  • BETE Nozzle

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  • Bete nozzles
  • Bete Nozzles

    We are well known for our ability to find creative solutions to difficult spraying challenges


Bete nozzles

EZTF EZ Full and Hollow Cone Quick Change Nozzles

/EZTF EZ Full and Hollow Cone Quick Change Nozzles

EZTF EZ Full and Hollow Cone Quick Change Nozzles

EZTF nozzles

Design Features

  • Nozzles can be changed in seconds without tools
  • Three part nozzle, base, gasket and interchangeable tip
  • Exclusive ramped engagement for efficient, automatic alignment
  • Threaded adaptors will accommodate other standard BETE nozzles. Shut-off plugs are also available
  • Sanitary EZs are available with weld connection and no knurling

Spiral Spray Nozzles

The spiral nozzle, sometimes called helix, pigtail, or corkscrew, disperses liquid as it shears along the turns of the spiral. There are no internal parts, but instead it has an external spiral vane.

Spray Characteristics

  • Available in six standard tips: EZFF, EZNF, EZSPN, EZTF, EZWL and EZWT
Common Materials:
316, Brass