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  • Bete nozzles
  • Bete Nozzles

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Bete nozzles

L Spiral Evaporative Cooling, Humidification, Coating, Low Flow Nozzles

/L Spiral Evaporative Cooling, Humidification, Coating, Low Flow Nozzles

L Spiral Evaporative Cooling, Humidification, Coating, Low Flow Nozzles

L Nozzles

  • A series of small spiral nozzles with orifice diameters of 0.04″ (1.02 mm) to 0.12″ (3.05 mm)
  • Male connection
  • Spray Pattern of the L Evaporative
  • Cooling Nozzle: Hollow Cone Fog, nearly as fine as  P series
Common Materials:
303, 310, 316, 317L, 321, 347, Brass, Nickel Alloy C-22, Nickel Alloy C-276, PTFE

Spiral Spray Nozzles

The spiral nozzle, sometimes called helix, pigtail, or corkscrew, disperses liquid as it shears along the turns of the spiral. There are no internal parts, but instead it has an external spiral vane.

Misting nozzles are generally considered medium-angle (70-90 degrees) and cone-shaped. Some nozzles (MW) will experience narrower patterns at lower pressures. Air-atomising nozzles can also be classified as misting nozzles in terms of drop size, however, the addition of atomising air can aid in forming different patterns and increasing projection distance.

  • The small droplet size is ideal for when you need complete evaporation.
  • Misting nozzles can provide a low flow rate that gives optimal results for scientific or pharmaceutical applications where a small dosing pump is used.
  • Misting nozzles also can also produce a high flow rate with a small drop size requirement (i.e. area humidification header).
  • Other misting nozzles without atomizing air can create smaller droplets (MWH, misting header).

Common uses

  • Mist and coating of supermarket produce (especially fruit and vegetables) and other foodstuffs
  • Moisten paper, water plants
  • Compost piles of crushed products
  • Produce fog effects for theatrical productions
  • Spray oil mist for coating and lubricating bearings
  • Mist onto concrete to facilitate curing

Misting fluids types

  • Any low viscous fluids under 10 centipoise (water is most common).
  • Above 10 centipoise you may see diminished atomization.
  • Some clogging can generally be prevented by filtering suspended solids where necessary.



Spiral Evaporative Cooling Nozzles, Humidification Nozzles, Coating Nozzles, Low Flow Nozzles