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Air knives are most commonly used to blow away liquids, grime and airborne debris from surfaces or objects.

Silvent air knives create a broad and effective flow of air that produces a pneumatic scraping effect without mechanical contact. All Silvent air knives feature the optimal combination of high blowing force, low energy consumption and low noise levels.

The Silvent Technology reduces turbulence and creates a more uniform, even, and straight air stream when blowing with compressed air. Also called a laminar air stream.

Proper usage of the Silvent Technology: 

  • lowers the sound level by 50%
  • minimizes the risk of occupational accidents
  • and saves 35% of the energy usage compared to blowing with an open pipe.

Improve Your Conveyor System Efficiency with Air Knife Products from Spray Nozzle Engineering

An air knife plays a simple yet vital role in many industries.

Air knives are special air curtain nozzle devices that are used in numerous processing and manufacturing settings. While the name of the device sounds like it might serve the function of cutting something in half, air knives are actually used more for drying and cleaning applications. They are often positioned over a conveyor belt and apply a stream of highly concentrated pressurised air to the products or materials passing by on the belt.

The Importance of an Air Knife

The air knife step is incredibly important for the completion of the production process. Here are just a few of the functions that an air blade nozzle can serve on the production line:

  • Drying products: Air knives are sometimes positioned on the production line at a point after which products or materials may have collected moisture. The pressurised air is effective for removing liquids and drying products. The air curtain can also be used to dry recently applied coatings of paint or finish.
  • Removing water prior to labelling or printing
  • Removing foreign particles: Products coming off a production line might be covered in dust, debris or other foreign particles that need to be removed before the products are packaged or sent to the next stage of the production process. Air knives are good for blasting these foreign particles off products to remove them from the equation.
  • Cool products: An air curtain nozzle will also often be used to play a cooling role. For products that are warm or hot, the stream of air can be useful for dissipating heat so that the products can move on to the next stage of the process or for easier handling by operators.

Services We Provide that Are Related to Air Blade Nozzles

In addition to designing and supplying air knife products, Spray Nozzle Engineering also offers a variety of related or connected services. These include:

  • Dynamic nozzle designs: We offer an array of different nozzle fittings for your air curtain designs. These nozzles can control the flow, direction, spread and targeting of your air blade.
  • Help to increase efficiency and use less air for the same job.
  • Specially designed nozzles: Our nozzle fittings for air knives include round, flat and flexible nozzles, and even multi nozzles. However, we can also design special nozzles to suit any unique requirements you might have. For instance, a client might rely on us to build a custom nozzle that can apply an especially gentle air stream to products that are sensitive to scratches or abrasions.
  • Other spraying tools: Many production lines require wash down guns, sanitisers or other sprayer machines. Spray Nozzle Engineering is dynamic in this regard, with a product range that includes spray nozzles for coating and cooling, spray guns and nozzles for pressure cleaning, steam units, foamers, sanitisers and much more. Simply put, we can help you build out your entire production line—not just the drying part.

Are you in the market for a new air knife—with or without special custom nozzles? At Spray Nozzle Engineering, we would be pleased to help you find or build precisely what you need. Contact us today to get started.