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  • Safety washdown station-blends steam and water safely

    The steam units are designed to blend steam and cold water in any desired proportion

  • Save water during your washdown process!

    With Strahman automatic water saver spray nozzles

M-5000TG Mixing Unit

/M-5000TG Mixing Unit

M-5000TG Mixing Unit

This unit produces hot water instantly from a steady supply of steam and cold water. All mixing units-hose stations in the M-5000TG/M-5700TG series are equipped with a dial type gauge that indicates the wash water’s exact temperature. Users can easily regulate the temperature by turning the unit’s steam and cold water valves. As an added safety measure, these units shut off their steam source automatically if the cold water supply falls below 50 psi for any reason. This prevents hazardous steam from exiting the unit and causing steam burns.

This unit should be shut off when not in use for extended periods of time.

This High-Efficiency (HE) version of our M-5000TG bronze mixing unit will give you up to 20% savings in water, sewage and energy costs! Designed to function on a reduced minimum required water pressure compared to our standard M-5000TG Series, this unit provides the same product quality and highly effective performance, with the added benefit of significant utility savings.

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Max. PressureMax. FlowMax. Temperature
10 Bar27 LPM93°C


Order Part Number

Pressure Range

Water Pressure Range


M-5000 L**

80-95 lbs.

50-80 lbs.


M-5000 M

96-130 lbs.

50-80 lbs.


M-5000 H

131-150 lbs.

50-80 lbs.