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Wilger Boomless Sprayer Components

/Wilger Boomless Sprayer Components

Wilger Boomless Sprayer Components

Wilger manufactures a line of boomless sprayer components that can provide variable sprayer rates and swath widths for any application.

Boomless sprayers are used as utility sprayers. For many spraying applications, traditional boom sprayers cannot reach or are unsafe to operate, so boomless sprayers provide many of the same benefits of boom sprayers without the traditional sprayer footprint.

Boomless Sprayer Components

Spraying pastures, ditches and roadways as well as any application that should be covered from a distance from the target are prime candidates for boomless spraying. Often boomless sprayers are configured to be mounted temporarily to a vehicle or equipment for operations that do not have need for a dedicated sprayer (i.e. cities/townships)

Boomless sprayer benefits

Adjustable swath width

Swath or spray distance can be changed by adjusting pressure sprayed as well as adjusting the spray direction.
Wilger provides swath width charts to achieve ideal swaths/coverage.

Adjustable swath direction

Wilger’s boomless sprayer use combo-rate® nozzle body components which can swivel 360°, so any swath or spray direction can be matched.
This is important for applications that targeting certain areas of an application with consistently more spray. (i.e. spraying weeds down the side of a highway)

Adjustable flow rates

Boomless sprayers use combo-jet® tip-caps to set the base flow rates, spray tips can be simply changed or turned off (see below) to have infinitely variable flow combinations.
Since boomless sprayers typically may have a wide range of speeds, having the ability to vary the flow rate becomes paramount to having a good application.

Compact manifold assembly

Boomless manifolds are modular and use very little footprint, so they can build the most versatile sprayers with the least amount of space required.
Boomless sprayer assemblies typically come stock in 3 tip to 7 tip manifolds. As all manifolds are modular, they can easily be expanded further.

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