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 Wilger Caps, Adapters and Strainers

/ Wilger Caps, Adapters and Strainers

 Wilger Caps, Adapters and Strainers

Wilger manufactures a host of different caps, spray adapters and strainers that can be used in any spray application.


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 Wilger Caps, Adapters and Strainers

Adapters an strainers

Wye adapter

Splits a radialock outlet to two radialock caps for dual cap application.

Cap adapters

Adapts square lug outlets to radialock caps.

Radialock outlet to square lug cap adapter also available.


Strainers snap into combo-jet® caps.

40% longer strainer than most brands.

Turret adapters

Splits a cap into (up to 3) caps on a swivel.

Available with radialock and square lug outlets.

Hose drop adapters

16-48″ long nylon hose drop adapter caps available.

Swivel bodies

Swivel bodies can rotate 360°.

Check valve versions also available.

Radialock Caps

Fertiliser streamer cap

Available in 2-hole and 3-hole versions.

Evenly apply liquid fertiliser on a sprayer.

Hose barb cap

Sizes from 1/8″ to 1/2″ hose available.

Push-in tube cap

Sizes from 1/8″ to 1/2″ hose available.

Use with semi-rigid polyethylene or vinyl tube.

Slotted tip caps

Use with flanged spray tips.

Different slot sizes available for most makes/models of spray tips.

Available in radialock and square lug style caps.

Outlet plug cap

Available in radialock and square lug outlet plug caps

Female thread caps

1/8″ and 1/4″ npt threads available.

Also available in 45° 1/4″ npt.

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