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Wilger Quick Nut Tube Fluid Supply System

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Wilger Quick Nut Tube Fluid Supply System

The quick nut stainless steel tube system (QN SST) is the best engineered sprayer fluid supply system available in the market today.
It pairs low cost/weight with easier maintenance/assembly for a hassle free experience, letting you spray longer.

Quick nut stainless steel tube fluid supply system

TubeStainless Steel
Connection FittingsGlass-reinforced Polypropylene
O-ringsBuna-N & Viton®


Quick nut stainless steel tube benefits

1/2″ & 1″ Pipe Sizes Available

Quick Nut Stainless Steel Tube comes in both two sizes:

1/2″ (0.84″ OD)

1″ (1.315″ OD)

Plumbing fittings for both sizes.

Less Pressure Drop

With the large inside diameter, there is more flow capacity while maintaining the same outside dimension as 1″ pipe.

Best in Class Weight Reduction

1″ SST weighs 23% of Sch40 pipe
1″ SST weighs 66% of aluminum

1/2″ SST weighs 28% of Sch40 pipe
1/2″ SST weighs 80% of aluminum

SST retains structural strength of stainless steel

Pre-punched Holes

SST has pre-punched holes for the required hole size and spacing.

Unpunched SST is available for plumbing and recirculating boom systems.

No Threaded Boom Ends

Easier maintenance as there are no burrs from threading plugging nozzles

All fittings are o-ring sealed, so no thread sealing is required.

Boom Clamps

Compact & durable boom clamps make boom installation and removal easy.

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